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Escort for heavy haulage

Pilot Cars for your exceptional transports

We are specialized in the escort of oversized and heavy haulage with over than 60 years of expertise. We are the ideal partner to ensure the safety and smoothness of your transports in France.

Our fleet of pilot cars is made up of experienced and trained professionals (up-to-date french specific qualification – FIP). They have an in-depth knowledge of road routes to ensure effective escorting.

Our national network allows us to meet your needs anywhere in France.


Category 3 of oversized transports, sometimes require use of guiding motorcycles to ensure maximum safety on the road and answer to law obligations. The guiding motorcycles are used to lead the way and signal the convoy.

Motorcycles pilots are experienced and trained professionals (up-to-date to french agreement FIG) who have a thorough understanding of regulations regarding exceptional transport. They work closely with the pilot cars to ensure the safety of everyone.


IN FRANCE, escort services for your exceptional transports.

Pilot Cars & Escort Motorcycles

In France, the organization of exceptional convoy escorts is subject to strict regulations. The convoys must be pre-authorized by the competent authorities, and the routes must be meticulously planned. Euro Pilot Car has one of the largest fleets of Pilot Cars in France, and we are also specialized in chartering when necessary.


INTERNATIONALLY, we pilot your convoy escorts.

Pilot Cars in Europe

Beyond the French borders, Euro Pilot Car also organizes escort services for exceptional convoys in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom. Regulations may vary from one country to another, making the organization of escorts more complex. However, thanks to its presence and experience in the European market, Euro Pilot Car has an in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force in these countries and is able to offer solutions tailored to your needs.

& Pilot Cars

When do we use a pilot car ?

In France, according to regulations and depending on its category, an exceptional convoy must be accompanied by at least one pilot car. The number and type of escort vehicles evolve according to the prescriptions indicated in the prefectural order.

How do you recognize a pilot car on the road ?

The format of a pilot car in an exceptional convoy is specific and must meet certain safety and visibility standards. In France, the pilot car must be equipped with orange beacons and a sign that reads ‘CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL,’ visible from the front and rear. It must also be equipped with a communication system to be in contact with all convoy participants. Additionally, the driver of the pilot car must hold a specific training certificate for driving escort vehicles.

Missions and obligations

WHAT ARE THE ROLES OF A PILOT CAR IN AN overzised transports ?

In France, convoy guiding vehicles, also known as pilot cars or escort vehicles, have the primary mission of leading the way and signaling the presence of an exceptional convoy. They also serve as the eyes for truck drivers, especially when positioned at the rear.

The ultimate goal is to ensure maximum safety for the convoy, the teams involved, and, of course, other road users.


In France, the highway code requires pilot car drivers to hold a driving license (probationary period completed) and to undergo the initial professional training for drivers of protective vehicles (FIP).

The FIP is a 3-day consecutive training program. Trainees are specifically educated on the regulations for exceptional transports, traffic rules, safety measures, best practices, and convoy routes. A final test determines the validation of the FIP.

The FIP is valid for 5 years. After 5 years, a simple refresher is required through the FCP, Continuing Professional Training.

Motorcycle guides, on the other hand, must hold the FIG motorcycle qualification.

Our training partner is Euro Team.

WHAT ARE THE TRAFFIC RULES when you see pilot car ?

In France, since March 1, 2017, in accordance with Decree No. 2017-16 of January 6, 2017, a moving exceptional convoy and the guiding vehicle(s) accompanying it now have priority at intersections.

In their presence, other road users must exhibit responsible behavior by reducing their speed and facilitating their passage.

Pilot cars are at the forefront of a convoy, and their safety is a priority. Therefore, it is important not to become agitated in case of a convoy blockage, as maneuvers can be time-consuming. Slowing down when a convoy is in sight is crucial. It is also important to stop and not endanger the moving teams.


Oversized haulage


Your quote for exceptional convoy escorts

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our escorts services with pilot cars, in France and abroad. Discuss with us of your exceptional transport needs. Request your personalized quote.